Netent's Pyramid Quest for Immortality

It is not possible to achieve immortality in real life but you can if you play Pyramid Quest for Immortality from Netent. Visit to see this exciting online casino game. But first, you must be ready to get past the gods of light and darkness.

The Price for Immortality

This online casino game is among the few games fashioned from an African theme. Visit to learn that the price of immortality is high. You create a win by matching the symbols at the top of the reels. Whenever matching symbols appear, they explode and disappear.

  1. Price of immortality is high
  2. Playing by creating winning symbols at the top of the reels

With more than 720 ways to win, all you need is to match symbols in 3 or more reels to make a winning combination. Three consecutive matching combinations will increase the avalanche multiplier by 1. If you are very lucky, you may even achieve the 10x avalanche multiplier.

The Avalanche Multiplier

This is an interesting feature in Pyramid Quest for Immortality online casino game. You could even consider it as a probability increasing tool. It can help you win up to 10 times your bet on your lucky day. It occurs when you create 3 successive winning combinations.

For the first multiplier, you need only a single matching of the symbols. If you are looking for more re-spins, you have to create 6 successive matching symbols. The highest multiplier is 10 times, and it requires 30 successive matchings of the symbols.


In-Game Bonus Features

You may not achieve the 10 times avalanche multiplier but can enjoy a host of exciting in-game bonus features. The include the Wilds Generation that occurs every time your matching symbols occur at the top of reels 2, 3 and 4. Another is the Avalanche Multiplier.

The Avalanche Mulitplier is at the heart of this popular video slot. For every 3 wins, you activate the Avalanche Multiplier. The maximum multiplier is 10 times, and you may not get to this point altogether. However, take advantage of the multiplier you can get.

Quest for Immortality Not for the Faint-Hearted

The quest for immortality is not for the weak at heart. Consequently, you will need to exercise lots of caution before playing this game. First, don't stake too much. Going past the Egyptian gods of light and darkness is no mean feat. Start with small amounts of money.

  • Be careful before playing this game
  • You are more likely to lose than win

Also, there is no particular trick you can use to enhance your chances of winning at this game. It is purely a game of luck so you need to know how far you can go. Those Avalanche Multipliers may prove to be too elusive.

Quest for Immortality: Is It Possible?

Should you play Pyramid Quest for Immortality from Netent? Well, considering the thrill of being taken through time into the Egyptian pyramids and gathering the precious relics, you may want to try your luck. It is also an easy game to master and play.

Pyramid Quest for Immortality is a fascinating slot that takes you into the mysterious pharaoh tombs in Egypt. Take a trip through the pyramids and see how many of the relics you can find. However, be careful not to jeopardize your family savings. Essentially, play responsibly.