Netent and Evolution Gaming - Which is Greater?

Netent and Evolution Gaming are some of the leading lights in the online casino software industry today. They go head-to-head in the area of online casino games, churning out great titles year after year. See for some great games from Netent. Find out which one comes top.

Netent vs Evolution gaming: User Interface

Both Netent and Evolution Gaming offer simple user interfaces for their games. Even a beginner would have no problem getting acquainted with their great gaming titles. Visit to see for yourself. However, Netent seems to have the upper hand for its in-game statistics.

In-game statistics make Netent a better software provider compared to Evolution Gaming for several reasons. In-game information that users can access during gameplay includes game history. Such information may help you make a better call when playing Netent games. Therefore, the user interface sets the two companies apart.

What About In-Game Betting Features?

Both software providers offer most of the conventional features you need to play your games. Such features include doubling down or splitting, as well as all the side bets you may need to enhance the odds. These features make the gameplay interesting and increase the chances of winning.

However, Evolution Gaming seems to have better in-betting features compared to Netent. Thanks to its patented Pre-Decision feature, players on Evolution Gaming can make their calls simultaneously. Players don't have to wait for each other to make the call, thus, increasing the speed of gameplay.


Netent vs Evolution Gaming: Game Selection

Both Evolution Gaming and Netent offer hundreds of great games to their players. the games range from classic card games to live casino games. You will find all your favorite video slots on any of these two platforms. You can be sure of endless options for games.

  • Both offer hundreds of games
  • All popular slot games are available

Nevertheless, Evolution Gaming seems to be ahead of Netent in this department. With a variety of games ranging from classic tables to VIP blackjack, Evolution Gaming outperforms Netent. Also, Evolution Gaming games can be customized to fit the needs of each player. Netent does well, but not as good.

Can Netent Catch Up?

Having a wide variety of games attracts more players - the reason Evolution Gaming has a larger market share compared to Netent. Evolution Gaming is striving to stay ahead of the pack in various ways. One is introducing customizable games such as blackjack, which attracts many players.

However, Netent has been trying to play catch up for some time. Some of the strategies Netent has employed include the unique Common-Draw blackjack table. This feature allows hundreds of players to play using different currencies to lay their stakes. This feature is great, it's yet to match Evolution.

Who Wins the Battle?

Both Evolution Gaming and Netent excel on various fronts. When it comes to the games and user interface, these two great casino software giants are ahead of their competitors. It is no wonder, therefore, that they rank top on many reputable casinos. Choosing between them may not be easy.

So, which would you go for? Netent, with its more user-friendly interface, or Evolution Gaming, with a larger variety of gaming features? Choosing between the two may boil down to personal preferences. Whichever option you choose, remember to play online casino games responsibly to avoid heartbreaks